An Klaus Dieter Brockenbeck von der FAZ / 4333 Excerpt of 3,5h PressconferencePerformance

06. Oct 2021

On 29.08.2020 at 6 pm, Kalle von Karl ended his performance "4333 Days", which he began almost 12 years earlier. This backdated event coincides with the break in intensive collaboration (theatre, film, show, radio play, assistance, stage presence, opera), as well as the later further intensive engagement of Christoph Schlingensief's projects (visiting many plays, Vienna, Duisburg, Berlin, Bayreuth and Kosmos, films, people, theory, everything)."On 17.10.2008 I decided to close the chapter of Christoph, which had grown into a phase like only three or four others in my life, with the beginning of a performance that was to bear the moment of silence in its name.* The piano lid was closed, but C. continued to run rampant in me autonomously. In a very slow process of "not wanting to admit,anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance", functions ceased and others were added. An old person died and new ones were born and the same one remained the same.After a one-hour break, Kalle von Karl will give his first statement on "4333 Days" at a press conference as part of the "Exhibition Input/Export - Project it Yourself! to comment on "4333 Days".