Kalle von Karl | Gezeiten | 22:56 | XDCAM HD | 16:9 | col | sound | 2012
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"A consciously selected aesthetic and artistic expression of being - his performative art is a portrayal of modernity's inner strife. In the end, it is an aesthetic escape from reality, thus conventional realms of art concept are extended, and paths are blazed from the social perimeter right through to the modern world."
(Christoph Hölzel in "Der Wunstschrei" )


"KK brings light to the universal questions of mankind like blind spots. In his works, it is inevitably characters from the social rim who take the lead - and it is the egomaniacs who celebrate self-discovery - a holy mass of sorts. Reminiscent of collage, the imagery that KK utilizes to tell the story of his figures etches into the blank base of that blind spot, and leaves an irrevocable impression." (Anita Walter in ""WorldWideWunst" 01/2012)